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Me [19, June, 2014 ]

LohanLips! [02, December, 2011 ]
Melissa and I have a Vlog!


Food being NOW not NUMB [16, September, 2007 ]

Organic water weight! How healthy. Continue on, A. --- Peter and the Wolf, The Ivori Palms. Red Hunter continues to do wonderful things to my mind/soul. Jeez: Complete Love! --- Going to bed, smell autumn outside (and sesame oil). --- MY ORANGE SPIDER IS GONE. 5 weeks, a stable post outside my kitchen window, today a few withered remains of web. We will miss you, Bonnie



Feeling ill . Need Film [11, August, 2007 ]



Studio [01, June, 2007 ]

Finally settled into my new place on Capitol Hill. Taking time to integrate into the whole vibe of the area. I am very lucky to know so many good people up here. My studio is pretty fantastic though it does face south, the heat is pretty intense. $920 a month: KILLS ME.

Been meaning to see something at the Seattle Film Festival (only 3 block from the Egyptian) but have just been so busy. Even when I am not, my mind continues to race.

I miss livejournal folk! I will post more.


Sunday 4/22 [23, April, 2007 ]


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